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Trump Supporters Tweeted Some Horribly Sexist Things At Megyn Kelly. Worst Of All, "Blonde."

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So this is a list that Vox put together of the sexist words that Trumpers tweeted at Megyn Kelly in the last day. Blonde really jumped out at me. We’re calling descriptive words a slur now? Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure most of the “blonde” mentions were followed by a nastier adjective (“blonde hooker,” for example) but I’m having a hard time understanding how a hair color is a slur.



I readily admit there are some really mean things up there. “Cunt” is obvious, you just can’t say that. I don’t know why but chicks take it like the N-word, it’s crazy. But if you haven’t learned it easier to just shut up rather than have a fight with your girl then you’ve got a lot of growing up to do (sidenote: I did call the dictionary a cunt this morning but in my defense it was being a cunt). “Whore” is a bad one, it’s hard to say the word whore without picturing some guy wearing a bowler hat, in black and white color, smacking a woman in the face for showing her ankles. It’s just got that old school, deep hate to it. To be honest I haven’t even heard the word “skank” in forever, but it reminds me of rednecks, I even read it with a Southern drawl, so this makes sense. The meanest one, however? “Cheap.” Oh lorrrrrrd must Megyn hate that one. Calling a woman cheap is diabolical. Tell a woman “Don’t you stomp last year’s Prada shoes at me, honey!” and you better have your dukes up quick, because she’s coming at you hard and fast.



So yeah, Trump supporters were pretty horrible to Megyn Kelly. But let’s not overreach and call fucking BLONDE an insult. Megyn Kelly is blonde and I’m not afraid to say it.






PS – Love this clip from 2011 of Trump telling Megyn Kelly she’s a great moderator and candidates refusing to show up to a debate because of the moderator shows a lack of courage.