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Godzingis Is Looking Stylish As Fuck In Toronto

Going back to Broadway Joe and the mink coat, New York athletes have always been trendsetters.  Now we have Kristaps Porzingis rocking his Latvian leather jacket during practice, dripping swag North of the border.  Poor Drake’s reign as the king of Toronto was short like leprechauns.  There’s a new boss in town and he is a 7’3″ unicorn that is also the King of Latvia and the King of New York.  So goddamn sexy.  Hit his music!!!


And while I hate to do this to my boy, I have to keep it one hunnid and admit that he actually reminds me of Alex Wright from WCW back in the day


Now in case you needed another example of a New York athlete bringing the heat, here is Eli Manning during last night’s Pro Bowl selection.  Enjoy Hawaii this year Eli, because next year you will be playing a week later in Houston.



Also in Knicksland, the team announced they will be calling up Greek Streak


Which is awesome because he does things like this


The Zen Master’s plan is all coming together.  Do I wish Jimmer was headed to the Association?  Of course.  But the County Center needs it’s white knight and have that shooting arm blessed by the basketball gods ready for the postseason push.