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Let's Take A Look Back At One Of The Best Supporting Characters Of All Time


There’s really no reason for the timing of this blog. There is no 25 year reunion or a Chotchkie’s restaurant opening up in a town near you. Not even a former member of the cast doing an AMA or an interview with Variety or some shit that got people talking about it again.

This is just a nod to one of the greatest supporting characters of all time: Lawrence from Office Space.

Now I haven’t exactly sat down and thought about who from other movies could match up with Lawrence (because I’m sure there are some) but you gotta figure that pound for pound because of the amount of lines he had that he’s near the top. Anyway, thats enough out of me, lets go down the Lawrence wormhole a bit.

Lets start it off to when we first meet Lawrence:

(the clip is shitty quality but you can hear everything)

Bang, what an entrance. Gotta appreciate a buddy who makes sure you won’t get FOMO from missing out on a breast exam and lay down the truth about what he thinks your girls doing behind your back.

Lets rewind it 18 seconds here:

The look of disgust on Lawrence’s face when he’s asked this question tells you that he doesn’t take any shit and probably hates everyone. Chalk another one more up for Larry.

Then he shows here that he’s not necessarily done with Peter but he sees the sinking ship and tries to distance himself a little bit from it. Getting arrested means court and court means possibly wearing a shirt and tie which is something I don’t think Lawrence is very fond of.


The next clip is the GOAT, though:

The best Lawrence moment of them all. Whenever anybody gets the age old “What would you do if you won the lottery” question you always get dumb answers.

Screw those student loans, screw the fancy house, and definitely screw all your “big time” investments that probably won’t work anyway. Two chicks at the same time is all you need to be a simple man.

Also not to remiss, here’s the last time we see him:

When it was all said and done and Peter fucked everything up, he was there to help him out.

Fuckin’ A.