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"Coming Up Roses" Bachelor Podcast Episode 5 Featuring Chief, Trent And Special Guest JJ Lane From The Bachelorette

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Episode 5! This was a really fun one.  We had a very very special guest this week.  JJ Lane (@jjhlane on Twitter) from The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise. He’s also a huge Stoolie. That’s why we wanted to have him on. Once we found out there was a Stoolie in The Bachelor system it was a match made in heaven. We wanted to know what it was like for a normal guy to go on TV in front of millions of people and try to find love. We asked him about auditioning for the show, what it’s like to make out in front of a camera crew, Ben H, Chris Harrison and, of course, if contestants jerk off when they’re living at the Bachelor mansion.  All that and a ton more. You can find it here on iTunes or below on SoundCloud. Big thanks again to JJ for joining us.  Great guest.