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Purdue's AJ Hammons Grabs a Board In Traffic While Holding His Shoe

Best part about this is it was actually a huge rebound in crunch time.

During the second half of the Boilermakers’ 68-64 win at the Minnesota Gophers on Wednesday night, the Purdue center made a unique one-handed rebound. At the time, the Boilers led 59-54 with 4:56 to go. [Fox]

Everybody’s all sucking Ben Simmons’ dick this season, 12.7 boards a game and undisputed #1 lotto pick blah blah blah. Let me ask you this, he ever grab one of those rebounds carrying a sneaker in one hand?

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.00.45 AM

Don’t look now but Purdue is 18-4 and 21st in the country. And they got guys who can grab boards in traffic carrying Nikes.