Sting To Play Halftime At The NBA All-Star Game. Wait, What?


People- The NBA All-Star game just got more interesting!  Grammy Award-winning singer Sting, 64, will grace the stage for the half-time show during the NBA All-Star Entertainment Series presented by JBL, PEOPLE can confirm.   But the surprises don’t stop there. Prior to tipoff, as the all-stars are being introduced, Cirque du Soleil performers will entertain the crowd with “a captivating performance blending together acrobatics, dance and technology illustrating the story of a basketball dream.”   Slowly but surely, news about the NBA All-Star weekend – to be held in Toronto – has been revealed.


Awwwww shit, things are about to get lit in Toronto.  Turnt the fuck up.  Sting just dropping all his greatest hits in front of the best #BlackTwitter has to offer and countless pro hoes.  You know, like Field of Gold and (looks up Sting’s music on Spotify) Desert Rose!  Bringing the heat that will melt that Toronto snow.  Why get a group that could play Fuck The Police when you can get the lead singer from The Police?  Plus did you know Sting can bang for hours thanks to yoga?  Probably can outlast any guy in Canada between the sheets.  Street cred through the fucking roof.

But for real, what the fuck Adam Silver?  I don’t understand why the NBA goes with an artist that is the furthest thing from what the audience wants to hear.  Drake is RIGHT THERE.  I know he performed in 2011 and probably wants to party every waking hour while banging the cream of the crop during Black Super Bowl weekend.  But he could use this as another stage to ruin Meek Mill.  Or what about my idea of having the Space Jam soundtrack being performed live?  I mean there is a decent chance that the Air Canada Centre falls apart brick by brick once the beat for “Hit’em High” comes on, but those are the risks we have to take.

Actually forget everything I just said, I didn’t know Sting made the song used for the beat in The Message.  I bet there are some hip hop bangers left in those guitar strings.

Also I can’t wait to see what type of weird shit Cirque De Soleil has up their sleeves.  I mean I hate them because they creep me out but #BlackTwitter should have a field day with it.

That being said, Shaq and the Jabbawockiez was some pretty fun shit