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Now Lisa Ann Is Taking Shots At Kanye On Twitter, Says He Used To Send Her Dick Pics







This is the problem with Internet beefs. One minute you are the king of Twitter, the next minute everyone is throwing boulders from their glass houses at your glass house.  And she makes a pretty good point.  The whole “your wife got railed out by Ray J and that’s the only reason she became famous” is a pretty big trump card for people to play.  It’s like when people who work for Sports Illustrated take their torches out and go on a witch hunt for a site showing hot girls despite having the swimsuit issue filled with tits and asses covered in body paint.

And you know why Kanye will not respond to Lisa Ann?  Because he doesn’t want his dick in the Internet streets.  Kanye doesn’t strike me as the guy with the confidence for pictures of his dick to leak in public.  Hence all the “I’m the greatest ever” talk.  And this is why you don’t get into a gutter war with porn stars or strippers.  Because if you cross one of them, they will team up on you like a gang in the Royal Rumble and throw your ass out of the ring.  Kanye brought this heat out on himself and now the riff raff is all chiming in.  Ts and Ps to Yeezus.  Even though I think sending dick pics to a porn star isn’t much different than asking a doctor friend about health advice.  Getting a professional’s opinion and maybe some free help isn’t the worst idea in the world.

Also, the thought of Lisa Ann discussing the Kanye/Wiz/Amber feud and then Kanye’s dick with Mad Dog Russo is hilarious. “Kanye is not a pimple on the Notorious B.I.G.’s fanny”! But seriously, what the hell is she going to talk about with Chris Russo? The Australian Open?