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Ovi To Miss The All Star Game (And Serve A 1 Game Suspension) Because He Aggravated An Injury Snow Car'ing His House

Alex Ovechkin will miss the 2016 NHL All-Star Game due to a lower-body injury that would be better served by rest, the Washington Capitals announced today. The decision was made in consultation with Ovechkin and the Capitals front office, coaching and athletic training staffs.

“We made this difficult decision after taking into consideration what we felt was best for Alex and our organization,” said Capitals general manager Brian MacLellan. “Alex has been an incredible ambassador for our team and the league, but we believe it is better if he uses this time to heal and ideally be completely healthy for the duration of the season.”

Ovechkin’s playing status is day-to-day, but by NHL rule, he will be required to sit out the Capitals Feb. 2 game against Florida.

Well that’s a bummer. Ovi is the star of the All Star game every year. He shows up drunk, he has more fun that everyone else involved, he steals the show on television, and the fans go home happy. He’s the wacky Russian through and through. But he’s not going this year because apparently he’s been playing with a nagging injury for the last few weeks, that flared up when he was clearing out the snow. - “The snowstorm came and it felt like maybe it’s going to help and it [didn’t],” Ovechkin said. “I cleaned my house and it was my bad decision. I want to thank the fans for voting me and tell them sorry, but right now our focus to getting ready for the rest of the year and [being] healthy in the playoffs. It’s the most important thing.”

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Kind of a ridiculous rule to suspend a guy for not wanting to play in the All Star Game. The ASG is a JOKE. A complete joke. There’s absolutely no reason for it, nevermind to have it in the middle of the season. The idea of it has worn thin, with players and fans alike. Have it at the end of the season. Have it during the Stanley Cup when the most eyes are on the product. But making players fly to Nashville- and then making them play 3 on 3 tournaments is just ridiculous. Not as ridiculous as suspending guys for putting their team and long-term health before a bullshit exhibition game, but ridiculous nonetheless.

So Ovi will have to sit out the February 2nd game vs Florida, which means with this snowstorm canceling 2 games he’d have played 1 game in over 2 weeks. If that isn’t enough to get you fresh, nothing is. It’s actually worrying me the opposite way- hard to get in a rhythm with that much time off. It’s the first time I’ve been worried about the Caps all season.

PS: My congrats go out to Jordie and the lovely people of Philly for their huge win in the Jordie Cup last night. You would have thought it was the most important game of all time with the parade being thrown in my mentions after. With the win the Flyers set the Caps back to 35-8-4 at the All Star Game. Brutal.

PS: If the refs were paying attention and called delay of game here, the Caps would have had a 5 on 3 in the final minute of the 3rd and it would have never gone to OT. Oh well. I’ll take 35-8-4 any day.