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People Are Upset A White Guy Was Cast To Play Michael Jackson In A New TV Comedy


E Online – It don’t matter if you’re black or white…or does it? Joseph Fiennes, a British actor best known for his leading role in Shakespeare in Love, has been cast as Michael Jackson in a new half-hour TV comedy about an unconfirmed road trip the singer reportedly took with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. A rep for production company Sky Arts confirmed the news to E! News Wednesday, adding the project is titled Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon. Past reports had said the program was a drama. Many people are freaking out about Fiennes’ casting because, well, guess. “A White Actor will play MJ. Because we aren’t whitewashed enough in Hollywood, apparently,” read a tweet posted on BET’s Twitter page Wednesday. The black superstar, known as the King of Pop, died in 2009 at age 50 from an accidental overdose of the anesthetic propofol and other medications while under the care of a private physician. Jackson suffered from the skin condition vitiligo and starting in the late ’80s, he began to look paler and paler. Investigators found 30 tubes of skin whitening cream at his home after his death. The casting news comes amid recent criticism aimed at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences over the lack of diversity among the nominees of this year’s Oscars. Screenwriter Neil Forsyth tweeted Wednesday the project has been filmed and is set to be released in the U.K. “soon.”

Alright three main things:

1) “a new half-hour TV comedy about an unconfirmed road trip the singer reportedly took with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks” – uhhhhh what? The fact that this happened in real life is weird enough, the fact that its been turned into a television comedy is flat out preposterous

2) Tough break for Joseph Fiennes. You know when you see a fat chick cast in a movie role where they are specifically there just because they’re a fat chick? I always feel horrible for those chicks. Thats the reason why Buzz’s girlfriend in Home Alone was actually a dude dressed in a wig. Because the director felt bad casting an ugly fat chick specifically for the fact that she was fat and ugly.

Well how do you think Joseph Fiennes feels when the director is like “YES. This is it! Hes the one! He’s perfect to play the role of the creepiest ugliest weirdest looking pop star ever!”

3) We can all fucking RELAX with Hollywood whitewashing this role. Motherfucker Michael Jackson whitewashed himself! If MJ stayed black I’m sure they would cast a black dude for him. In 2001, Michael Jackson looked like this:

MJ 2001 Invincible 13


So guess what they are gonna do? They are gonna cast a white dude with a weird pointy nose and some effeminate eyes. That aint racism. That aint unfair. Thats fucking reality, folks. Not Fiennes fault or Hollywood’s fault that Michael Jackson turned himself white.