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Lisa Ann Considers Herself Some Kind Of Athlete Whisperer, Helped Paul George "Recover" From His Injury

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(“I don’t recognize that last screen grab,” said the liar)



(Complex)The Guardian just ran a long profile on Lisa Ann that features her talking at length about her relationship with the sports world and her new job as a fantasy sports analyst. And right in the middle of it, the piece features a quick note about how she apparently helped PG deal with the leg injury that he suffered:


Ann also fancies herself a confidante and mentor for athletes. She has no children and has no plans to have them in the future, and see athletes as her kids—and chastises them as such. She mentions Indiana Pacers basketball player Paul George as someone she counselled after he lost most of last year to a gruesome broken leg suffered during an offseason scrimmage



Unfortunately, Lisa Ann isn’t quoted directly with regards to PG, but in the story, she does explain that she has served as a mentor of sorts for many athletes in the past. “It’s a trust thing,” she says. “It’s a kinship. It’s a reminder to them: ‘I know when you’re out in New York City it’s a playground for you, but when you go out on the road, you need to catch up on sleep. You looked slackish in that game last night.’ I’ve been doing this since the early 1990s. I tell some of these athletes: I’ve been doing this since before you were born.”



I like Lisa Ann. She’s an undisputed legend of the game and deserves all the respect in the world. No question about it, she belongs on the Mount Rushmore of porn stars. But I need to know, does she actually think these athletes give a fuck about her advice? She understands they’re just putting up with it so they can fuck her holes, yeah? To them, Lisa Ann is the annoying, hot chick who is always yelling but you humor just because she’s a demon in the sheets.



Lisa Ann is going to tell Paul George and professional athletes how to care for their body? Lisa Ann? I mean, let’s look at the facts here. These guys have treated their bodies like a temple since they were 12 years old. They listen to it more closely than you listen to the new Drake track, and they understand their body better than you understand addition. Their jobs and livelihood depend on it. Lisa, on the other hand? Well she’s treated her body like a dumpster. A dumpster full of semen. You’re 43 and a Crunch Wrap Supreme away from a blown out o-ring and a lifetime with a colostomy bag. I’ll listen to my coaches, my trainers, and my doctors rather than the chick who I’ve seen get assfucked and painted like a Jackson Pollack a million times.

Again, no disrespect intended.