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Georgetown's Radio Play By Play Announcer Loses His Mind After The Hoya's Dramatic Comeback Win

Bog – Georgetown overcame an 11-point deficit with less than three minutes remaining at Verizon Center on Tuesday to stun Creighton, 74-73, and move into second place in the Big East. After Creighton’s James Milliken missed a potential game-winning jumper at the buzzer, the Hoyas’ inimitable play-by-play man, Rich Chvotkin, rattled off a record 19 of his signature “Hoyas Win!” calls. “Unbelievable,” he finally said before sitting down and looking over his notes to prepare for the postgame show.


It goes without saying, but I’m not a Georgetown guy. But I have to give credit where credit is due- that was AWESOME. Rich Chvotkin is a legend of the game, I won’t take that from him. It’s like how San Francisco Giants fans despise the Dodgers but you’re never going to say a bad word about Vin. I won’t say a bad word about Chvotkin. 19 Hoyas Win!’s. 19! High fiving the crowd, pumpin his fists, wouldn’t be surprised if he had a mini-heart attack in there. Love guys like him who bring the passion every night, ever if it’s to a sad, downtrodden, second fiddle program like Gtown.