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Donald Trump Is A Bandwagon Iowa Football Fan Now

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — As soon as Republican front-runner Donald Trump took the stage at his Tuesday night rally at the University of Iowa, he demanded that members of the football team join him. “Where’s my football team? Get over here, football team,” said Trump, who met privately with the student athletes before the rally. “The football team, come on! University of Iowa. Look at the size of these guys! They’re monsters. We’ve got the next Tom Brady, right over here… Look at the size of these guys! Come on up here. Come on up, right? Get up! What a team, what a team. And they were so nice: They endorsed Trump. They like Trump, and I like them. I love you guys. Look at the size, how big and strong. That’s what we like. Thank you, fellas.” A dozen football players, nearly all dressed in suits, filed onto the stage and lined up behind Trump. He shook their hands, and they filed back off the stage. The crowd started chanting, with Trump conducting them: “Let’s go Hawks! Let’s go Hawks!”



How about the sack on this guy? “Where’s MY football team?” GTFOutta here Trump. Where was he when we went 7-6 in 2014 and got thumped by Tennessee in our bowl game? When we were all calling for Kirk Ferentz’s head?  Oh that’s right, he wasn’t the leading GOP candidate for president.  He didn’t need us back then. Now he does. He’s just playing the game I suppose. The Donald is smart, I’ll give him that. He knows how to play the angles. No faster way to get Iowans supporting you than to bring local hero CJ Beathard and the boys up onto the stage and get the crowd chanting, “Let’s go Hawks!”  This is the stuff you see in movies about politicians and you never think it’ll happen to you but then it does. A presidential candidate comes to your state and panders to the crowd by bringing up the football team that went 12-0 and went to the Rose Bowl. And of course the football players loved him. Trump is king of the world right now. Of course they’re gonna eat out of the palm of his hand and say they love him. All I’m saying is I need a president who will be there through the thick and the thin. Not one who hops on board because we’re awesome (minus the B1G and the Rose Bowl).



I swear to fucking God…………….



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Statement from Iowa AD Gary Barta:


I was made aware that a number of current and former UI students from various sports attended the rally last night. University of Iowa student-athletes are encouraged to participate in the political process as individuals. However, like any endorsement by a student or faculty member, their participation should not be considered representative of the entire team or university. In recent months, candidates from both parties representing a spectrum of ideals have visited Iowa City. We will continue to support this approach without influencing particular political choice or agendas. The jersey presented to Mr. Trump was not an official Iowa football jersey. No candidate has asked for, or received, any official Iowa athletic equipment or apparel. We are confident that no violations of NCAA rules and regulations have taken place.