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I'm Shaking My Head At The Taxi Driver That Got Caught Trying To Steal His Friend's $50,000 Winning Powerball Ticket


NY Daily News-  It takes a pair of Powerballs to try and pull this off.  A Bronx cab driver with big money woes swiped his buddy’s winning $50,000 Powerball ticket — then tried to pass it off as his own, authorities said Tuesday.  Segura Rubelin’s pal Victor Castillo didn’t win the $1.5 billion jackpot that sent the nation into a fever pitch two weeks ago.  But the fortunate friend knew he had won enough money to tide him over for a while — until he said the man who was like a brother to him snatched the ticket out of his hand.

And if that wasn’t enough, the backstabbing lottery larcener dashed off with Castillo’s winning ticket to the bodega where it was purchased and came back with another winning ticket — one worth a mere $4.  “He was my friend, but he is no longer,” Castillo, 66, told the News through an interpreter. “We were like brothers. He betrayed me. I’m still in shock.”  Castillo, who also drives a cab, joined Rubelin and other drivers at a Bronx diner Jan. 14 — the day after the historic Powerball drawing — to check the winning numbers.  “When I got three, I said I was winning,” Castillo said. “He snatched it from my hand and ran to the bodega. He came back and threw me a ticket that only won $4. I knew the numbers I played. I knew I won.”  So did the bodega workers. They got it all on video — and shared the evidence with cops.  “We saw everything on the videotape,” said Wagner Cruceta, manager of La Fuerza, the Bronx bodega where the $50,000 ticket was purchased. “Victor bought the ticket. The other guy came to check it but left. It was not nice.”


Segura, you dope!  You messed up the perfect crime and literally just gave away a winning lottery ticket.  Sure you and Victor were apparently like brothers.  But just like the guy that keeps dodging C in A Bronx Tale, you have to think about how much your friendship is really worth.  $50,000 for a fake brother seems like a fair price.  Because again, as Sonny says in A Bronx Tale, the working man is a sucker.  How have you never even watched this classic movie about your borough?

What you should have done is found out where the ticket was purchased first, cashed it in and then vanished like a fart in the wind.  The word bodega should have become a foreign language to you.  Sure $50k isn’t a ton of money, but I think that it’s worth selling your friend out and escaping the Bronx. I mean look at the picture above.  That place looks depressing as fuck, and I’m sure that was the best picture they could use of your neighborhood. Next time you have a chance to win thousands of dollars, don’t fuck it up (just kidding, you are definitely going to be married to that cab for the rest of your life).