The Panthers "Creedbombing" Is One Of My Favorite Locker Room Gimmicks Ever


(Source) The Carolina Panthers have a new fan in Creed lead singer Scott Stapp, and it’s all thanks to their “Creedbombing.” “Creedbombing” was created by linebacker Ben Jacobs, with some help from tight end Greg Olsen and athletic performance analyst Brett Nenaber. Jacobs will walk up behind one of his unsuspecting teammates and belt out a Creed lyric in Stapp’s deep, raspy voice. Stapp is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, but has been rooting for the Panthers since finding out about “Creedbombing” last week. “I’ve been cheering for these guys so hard,” Stapp, a Florida native, told Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer by phone Tuesday. “I had to move my tour bus like five different places so I could get reception and watch (the NFC Championship Game) the other night. I’m so fired up and pumped up for these guys. They are my team right now.” Stapp hopes to meet the Panthers and shoot a video with them that involves “Creedbombing.”





Another day, another awesome story about the Panthers. At this point if you don’t like these guys then you hate fun because you’ve got a big dump in your pants. Between Cam dabbing and ripping down any opposing team’s sign you dared to hang in his house, I already loved them. But Creedbombing takes it to a whole ‘nother level. It takes my love higher, to a place where blind men see, to a place with golden streets. I embrace the entire Creedbombing phenomenon with arms wide open. A lot of good teams always have these fun locker room things, like the Red Sox when they’d take shots spiked with Viagra or the Sox when they’d just eat chicken, drink beer, and play video games, and it’s impossible not to love them. I’m all in on Creedbombing, I’m all in on the Panthers. If you’re not then I apologize and will get off your lawn immediately, you old curmudgeon.



PS – Creed is kind of on that Nickleback level where people love to laugh at them, but if you don’t think they had hits then you are a damn fool. One Last Breath, Arms Wide Open, Higher, My Sacrifice… they all bang. Scott Stapp is a hit machine.