Political Pundits Are So Stupid. Trump Skipping The Debate Will Only Make Him More Powerful




How stupid are political pundits? Everywhere I look people are saying the same thing. Oh Trump has gone too far this time. He’s risking it all with this move. How dumb can he be? Don’t you people get it? This very move is why the Trump supports (me included) love him in the first place. Because he’s taken the traditional playbook on how to run for President and ripped it into shreds. Politicians always talk about how they are different and it won’t be business as usual, but it always is. With the Donald it’s not. He does what he wants when he wants. I still think Fox may cave and pull Meagan Kelly from the broadcast because no matter what they say they are about ratings and money and without Donald Trump they got nothing. Seriously a Republican Debate without Trump is like the Superbowl without the Patriots. Nobody cares. You might as well not even have it.

PS – This whole episode vaguely reminds me of when I ran for VP of my class my senior year. I was 3 time defending champ. I ran because my parents told me it was good for colleges and shit so I did it. I didn’t want to be President because they had to do actual work, but VP I could just do nothing and still say I was VP, but I digress. Obviously I smashed everybody my first 3 years because who doesn’t love me? Then senior year I skipped the speeches because I didn’t feel like going. Just like Trump I do things on my own terms. Well long story short I lost in one of the biggest upsets in the history of SHS. Everybody said it was because I didn’t show up for the debates. Hmm maybe Donald should go after all?