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Would You Buy McDonald's Special Sauce If They Sold It In Stores?

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FB – In a limited run, the fast food chain is selling 4,000 bottles for $4.95 each. The bottles will be available at 40 participating restaurants in Australia, Brand Eating reports. For five bucks and a 500ml bottle, we’d never have to be ask for extra Mac Sauce again.


So here’s my question- is Big Mac Sauce something you want to buy, or should it be a delicacy, a special treat that you can only get when you go to McDonald’s? At first I was thinking hell yeah I’d buy it. Who cares if it’s basically 1000 Island dressing, it’s a little bit better and a pretty good condiment. But then the latter half of my question popped into my brain and that’s what actually how I feel. Some things need to be held sacred. Some things in this life need to be kept special. We can’t just go around mass producing everything, ruining the novelty of it all. Big Mac Sauce is one such thing. If they were passing out Special Sauce like hotcakes, nobody would need to go to McDonald’s to fill that craving. There would be no allure of the Big Mac. I like, no, I love the idea of some things being hard to obtain. Special Sauce not being sold in stores allows it to keep it’s value. You know how when a meme is popular and within 2 days it’s shoved down your throat and ruined forever? Overexposure can kill anything great. Keeping Big Mac sauce on the dl is the right move.

Now, on the other hand, I need Papa Johns to start selling their garlic sauce by the gallon. I want to be able to bathe in their garlic sauce. I want to be able to walk over the fridge, undo the cap, and take a swig of a gallon bottle of garlic sauce. I always order an extra sauce or 2 whenever Papa Johns is the pizza move just so I have some in reserve for when we get other pizza places. Never find yourself in a situation where you want a garlic sauce but don’t have one. (PS: Is there a product you can buy in the store similar? I’ve never looked, but I assume there is.)