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Garbage Trucks Are Now Exploding In The Middle Of The Street In Jersey

– A trash truck operated by natural gas exploded Tuesday afternoon, causing the evacuation of some homes in a New Jersey community. Operators of the truck noticed smoke coming from the battery as they picked up trash along Fitzrandolph Avenue near Bow Hill Avenue in Hamilton Township, New Jersey around 2 p.m., said township police. Firefighters got the blaze under control after a short while but not before one of the tanks ignited causing damage to a handful of homes, said police.

Probably improves the smell of the state, ammiright? Right? But really, as if those fine citizens of Jersey don’t have enough to worry about. They’ve already got more than enough shit on their plate to deal with. Between the shore getting blasted by the blizzard and a Gov who cares more about his gunt becoming Presidential than his own constituents. But on the bright side, Chris Christie will throw his body in front of Johnny Manziel’s train if it heads towards Dallas. That’s swell.