Dirk Hit a Game Winner And Kobe Celebrated With Him From The Bench


Man. Kobe is completely over it. Dirk just splashed a game winner right in the Lakers‘ faces at home, and Kobe threw Dirk a parade right there on the court. Not even bothered that the Lakers, and all the players who worked their asses off all game were standing right around him. Just went ahead and congratulated Dirk for beating his teammates. Can you imagine what Kobe would do if Nick Young started high fiving the other team for beating the Lakers? Kobe might literally kill him. And imagine seeing this if you’re the guy Kobe made sit on the fucking ground:



Now this is the Kobe we all want to see. Ruthless Kobe. Making you sit on the ground Kobe. Not high fiving the other team when they beat yours. I get that Kobe and Dirk have known each other forever and it’s a respect thing and blah blah blah, but if I’m one of those guys who just took the Mavs down to the wire, and then see Kobe make it all about himself in his suit that costs more than half of their salaries, I’m pretty pissed. Again, imagine the scene if Swaggy P starts dapping up JR Smith…while the game isn’t even over…if he just beat the Lakers. Kobe would rip his lungs straight out of his body.