It's Nice To See There Are Still A Handful Of Classy Guys Who Don't Play for the Pats That Are Still Left In the NFL

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Pure class from CJ Anderson.  It’s amazing how much shit people talk about Brady and I’ve literally never heard Brady trash anybody.  He always tips his cap to the opponent when the Pats lose.  He never makes excuses.  He’s always a man about it.  He never even really brags when the Pats win.  He’s just a humble sixth round draft pick who wins tons of superbowls and fucks tons of supermodels and has a face carved from Zeus himself.  He’s truly the American dream. Meanwhile you got Broncos players saying they were trying to drag their nuts on his face.  It’s absurd.  The guy is the King of the NFL.  Is it because he’s so freaking good looking and Manning is so ugly?  Is that why people always trash Brady and leave Manning alone?  People just hate the guy who has everything even though he had to fight and claw for it and nothing was handed to him?  I mean show some god damn respect.   Every player should be required to write thank you notes to Tom Brady after every single game.  It’s not often mere mortals get to walk amongst the Gods.   Thank you CJ Anderson.  You can play for me anyday.