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I Puked In My Mouth Last Night At 4Am Thinking About the Pats Failed 2 Pt Conversion

Here is a fact. I puked in my sleep last night. Here is another little fact. I haven’t puked since I was 12 years old and swallowed fluoride at the dentist. I’m just not a puke guy. Never have been. Never will be. That’s why last night was so jarring. Just totally caught myself off guard when I woke myself up by puking in my mouth. Worst feeling ever. I rushed to the bathroom to try and spit it out and some puke went down the wrong pipe. Then I kept having that puke come back up which made me want to puke again. Total disaster. It’s all because I was still thinking about the Pats loss to Denver. Specifically I can’t get the 2pt conversion out of my head and how open Gronk was on that play. It’s literally haunting my dreams to the point I’m puking in the middle of my sleep.


PS – I was probably up from 4am to 5am trying to get the puke scent out of my mouth and Chris Long was ranting and raving on twitter about how he wants Town Hall Meetings instead of debates. So weird. Chill out Chris. It’s 4am. Only guys who are puking in their mouths should be awake at 4am on Monday nights. Never seen somebody so agitated late night about the merits of debates vs. Town Halls.