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Roger Goodell Declines Invitation to Join Joint Investigation By MLB and US Anti Doping Agency Into Peyton Manning HGH Allegations



PFT – Last month, Al Jazeera shocked the sports world with a report connecting multiple professional athletes to performance-enhancing drugs. For the NFL, the biggest name attached to the report belongs to Peyton Manning, whose wife allegedly received multiple shipments of HGH from the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis. Those who wonder whether the NFL will simply brush the Manning situation under the rug will be intrigued by the latest development in the story, from T.J. Quinn of ESPN. Quinn reports that Major League Baseball and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency are collaborating regarding the alleged involvement of baseball players. The NFL, per Quinn, declined.“Our review of the matter continues,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Quinn. “We do not comment on specifics of ongoing reviews.”


And there you have it. This is why the Pats loss hurts so much. Because we’re not going to be able to hold Roger Goodell and the league accountable for their sins. We’re not going to be able to take the Lombardi Trophy and smash him over the head with it. I mean there is no clearer example of the NFL’s anti Patriot agenda than how they handled Deflategate vs. HGHgate. Here is what Fuher Goodell said himself regarding Deflategate

“In terms of the appropriate level of discipline, the closest parallel of which I am aware is the collectively bargained discipline imposed for a first violation of the policy governing performance enhancing drugs; steroid use reflects an improper effort to secure a competitive advantage in, and threatens the integrity of, the game.”

Yet now with a boatload of real evidence against Peyton Manning not concocted by jealous vanquished rivals the NFL has turned down an invitation to join a joint investigation by the MLB and the US Anit Doping Agency. Why? Because if the NFL doesn’t control the investigation how can they control the results and desired outcome? They can’t. So rather than look for the truth which is something they’ve never concerned themselves with, they’ll just look the other way just like they do with pretty much every single issue that isn’t about the Patriots. And somehow we still don’t have our draft picks back.