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Quick Shout Out To The White Guy Who Went For It All During The UC's Halftime Dunk Show Last Night




I honestly don’t even want to talk about the Bulls game. I knew that Miami loss was coming from a mile away. The Derrick Rose pre-game warmup injury (yes that actually happened) was a little more surprising but I can actually appreciate that Derrick is keeping us on our toes with new and innovative ways to miss games. As for this guy. All the props in the world. You’re in a dunk contest at the UC, packed house, up against a bunch of black guys, what’s the worst that can happen? You fall on your ass and look like the white fool with no hops? Oh no, wouldn’t want that to happen, then people may think you can’t dunk! Love the strategy, go for broke. It’s like a short guy in a bar fight, it’s a no lose situation. If you suck, it was to be expected, if you’re awesome, you blow people’s minds. Just the fact that you can touch rim as a white guy is so fucking cool.






Apparently Red Panda was in Golden State last night. I swear to God she is at every stadium in America at the same time. Hardest working woman in show biz.



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