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Ronnie Woo-Woo Is A Stoolie

BLdEWpmCUAAMCjx.jpg large

Does this mean we have arrived in Chicago? I think it does right? When the homeless dude who wears a full Cubs uniform and “Woo’s” for a living holds up a Viva La Stool sign that means you have officially arrived right? Not sure what party we showed up to but we’re here, Ronny Woo-Woo said it. Viva La Stool indeed.


Now that I know he’s a stoolie, I wonder what Ronnie thinks about the new ads. Probably loves them.


Kim Dejesus has never once let me down.




Double PS

Almost 80 degrees today, just refuses to take his M&M Jacket off


thanks to danny for the woo woo pic