College Kid Drains A Ridiculous 95-Foot Full-Court Putt And Wins A Measly $500 For Books

Franklin Pierce, a small, private school in New Hampshire, started a new promotion over the weekend, letting students try to win $500 in airfare or books by attempting a 95-foot putt – from one end of the basketball court to the other – into a 3 inch hole.



Fuck that noise. Books?  BOOKS?!  Kid drains a 95-foot putt and he gets to blow it on something his teacher will tell him the first day he doesn’t actually need it. Attempt that putt 99 other times and he misses them all. He should get $10,000 at a minimum and not as a gift card to the school store.  He should get a car.  Or a house. $500 store credit is a kick in the nuts. Also, weak reaction from the crowd. That crowd reaction was very private school New Hampshire.  I needed more of an And 1-guy-just-broke-somebody’s-ankles-then-posterized-another-guy type of reaction. People falling from the rafters and straight up walking out of the gym because they can’t handle what they just saw. Way too mild for witnessing something so amazing. The only putt more impressive than that one is the one Happy Gilmore hits to win the Tour Championship. But hey, enjoy your useless textbooks kid. At least when he sells them back at the end of the semester for $2.34 he’ll see some profit.