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Nick Saban Doing The Wobble In A Recruit's Living Room...Your Move Harbaugh.

CBSWhen making an in-home visit, college football coaches are often invited to participate in meals, socialization and occasionally, dancing. Alabama coach Nick Saban was visiting four-star cornerback Jared Mayden in these final days of the 2016 recruiting cycle, trying to convince the Sachse, Texas, native to choose Alabama over Oklahoma or Oregon.

Someone invited Saban to dance, and that resulted in this fantastic video of the Tide coach doing “the wobble” in his suit and tie.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.42.41 AM

Harbaugh! Where you at Harbaugh!?! Probably scaling a tree somewhere in Minnesota or something trying to convince a 2 star punter to come live in Michigan for 4 years. Meanwhile Nick Saban threw on a $4,000 suit, slid his newest National Championship ring onto his finger and casually hit the wobble in a recruit’s living room.



“‘Ey big girl, make ‘em back it up, make ‘em back it up” – Saban to the kid’s mother, probably.