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If You Don't Think The Celtics Should Trade For DeMarcus Cousins, You Need To Leave This Planet

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Last night’s 50/11 which followed up a 48/13 is pretty much all you need to know. Or his 32 and 13 average for the MONTH. DeMarcus Cousins is hands down the best center in the NBA. That discussion is over. Also over is the discussion that the Celtics should not do everything in their power to trade for him. Yeah, given his season and the success the Kings are experiencing, Cousins is 1000% not for sale. I don’t care. They’ll need to move him eventually because everyone knows he’s not staying.

He’s 25 and an absolute monster. In the Celtics system, he becomes that number 1 option they need. No question. I mean look at this


And fuck the pundits and people who say stay away because he has red flags. WHO GIVES A SHIT. Different city, different franchise, different coach, different situation. I also could care less that he plays for a dog shit team. Last time I checked SAC was in the playoffs, good enough for me. People seem to forget KG/Ray/Pierce all played on a ton of shitty teams, that matter? If this means we have to give up multiple Brooklyn picks? Fine. If this means Marcus Smart? Sure. I don’t care what the price is. Cousins has the ability to be the anchor of this team for a long time and really set this rebuild off. Fact.  



P.S. Boogie, if you’re reading this, the offer to stay in my apt still stands. Walking distance to the Garden, just think about it.