Iowa Governor Terry Brandstad Hit The Dab After Iowa State Knocked Off Kansas



That might be a wrap on the Dab. An actual wrap.  Many people on many occasions have pronounced the DAB dead yet it has continued to live on but the dance might’ve met it’s match this time.  Somebody tell Cam Newton he’s gotta come up with something new for any touchdown he scores in the Super Bowl. I swore I would never become the guy who says, “Well now that (insert old white person’s name) has done the Dab it’s officially dead. Get out the shovels. It’s time to bury this thing” but here we are. Now that Iowa governor Terry Brandstad has done the Dab it’s officially dead to the world. Once midwest politicians get ahold of something that means it’s near or at the end of its life. And maybe the Dab is already dead and I just don’t know. People seem to be running off on the plug twice nowadays (I’m hip, I’m with it). But I’ll be the first to admit that Iowa isn’t exactly the center of topical pop culture.  Pretty sure there’s still people crip walking and harlem shaking on street corners around here.  So RIP DAB.