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9 Year Old Girl In Tears Because Her Mom Surprised Her With a Trip To Disney World...No Wait, She's Going To See Donald Trump

What the fuck?! You’re 9! Nobody should be breaking down in tears about going to a Donald Trump rally, nevermind some 9 year old girl. Jesus Christ the effect that man has on people is insane. She probably wants to be one of his little singing girls at the rally more than anything. How many times do you think she’s practiced this song in front of the mirror?

This is why Trump is at like 41% in the polls. He has little girls across the country eating out of the palm of his hand. He’s the big strong dictator who let’s them know that if they vote for him, they’ll be safe. There will be food on the table. Donald Trump is basically Scar from the Lion King at this point. Unfortunately the only Simba is a crazy old lady that nobody likes either. Politics, man. Politics.