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On The Road Podcast - Road To Super Bowl 50 Edition

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After taking a months hiatus to let our brains dry out from the 4 months of debauchery that was the Dixie Tour, Father Dixie and I are back on the road and back behind the microphones. Caleb gives an update on his situation at Barstool and gives some insight on whats in store for him and I in the near future. We talk about the conference championsips, how miserable I am, what the plans for Super Bowl week are and we give some perspective about the Dixie tour now that we are 5 weeks removed.  Caleb also talks about living back in Chapel Hill as a non student and how he’s getting queen sized bunk beds so tune in. As always feedback is welcome, good or bad, let us know what you’d like to see from us during Super Bowl week and in the future on twitter @hen_ease   and @daddydixie


PS – Daddy D and I will be snap chatting from the RV the whole week so if you want another feed to aimlessly click through while your taking a shit add heneasy and calebpressley.