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Maty Mauk Officially Earns His 3rd Suspension In 4 Months For Video Of Him Snorting "Unidentified White Powder"

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COLUMBIA, MO. • For the third time in four months Missouri has suspended quarterback Maty Mauk. In a joint statement released Monday night, Mizzou athletics director Mack Rhoades and football coach Barry Odom said they were gathering information about a video posted on social media depicting Mauk appearing to snort a line of white powder.

The statement read: “We are currently gathering information regarding the video in question. This is an issue we take very seriously and one that will not be tolerated within our program. We will take the appropriate actions once we have all the facts. In the interim, Maty Mauk has been indefinitely suspended for the Mizzou football program.”

On Monday night, a nine-second video was posted on Twitter showing a male who clearly resembles Mauk bent over a line of white powder. The person appears to snort the line but leaves most of it on the table. He stands up, rubs his nose, screams and smiles at the camera as the video ends.

It’s unclear when the video was taken or who created the account, @Ray56King, which features a profile photo of former Cardinals relief pitcher Ray King. The tweet includes the message, “Matty Mauk missing the line, just like he misses his receivers. #Mizzou #Rocktober #MattyIce @TMAFanpage @TMASTL

Did Maty Mauk beat the shit out of the kid that filmed this yet? Just a complete and total breach of blow protocol. (Excuse me, “unidentified white powder” protocol). Bringing a cell phone into Mauk’s Cocaine Safe Space. Unacceptable. Doesn’t matter if you’re best friends, casual acquaintances, or just the random guy who had the eightball and happened to invite Maty in to partake – you do drugs together, you respect each other enough to not ruin the other guy’s life virally.

So here’s Maty Mauk’s Mizzou career so far:

2012: Arrested and suspended for “fleeing the scene of a scooter accident.”

2014: Goes 9/21 with 97 yards, 0 TD and 4 INT in a nationally televised game against UGA, one of the worst games I’ve ever seen played live. A 0.7 QBR.

2015: Suspended 4 games for violating team rules, loses starting job.

2015: A few hours after apologizing to teammates for that suspension…literally hours…gets in a bar fight, suspended for rest of season.

So yeah, it hasn’t been the smoothest career.

I will definitely agree with what someone said yesterday though, glad to see at least someone at Mizzou is having a good time and enjoying their college experience.