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Does This Look Like The Face Of A guy Charged With Domestic Violence After He Came Home And Could Smell Sex In The Air?

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.28.45 AM



 JANUARY 25A man arrested following a confrontation with his live-in girlfriend about alleged infidelity told police that he “could smell sex in the air” when he returned Saturday afternoon to his South Carolina home. Cops were summoned to the Spartanburg residence after the victim alleged that Barry Sloan, 46, “mushed” her face with his hand and sought to yank her phone from her grasp.




Here’s the deal: I’m not ever going to condone hitting a woman. But, BUT… for anyone who would have the audacity to laugh at Barry Sloan’s reasoning here let’s just get it out in the open that he’s 100% right. This isn’t some silly little argument that they got in a fight about. It’s not your typical lovers spat where an ex left a kissy face on his Facebook wall or he was texting “just a friend” after 10 PM. Barry walked into his house and smelled sex. That’s real. He caught his girl cheating on him when he walked into his house and caught a big whiff of dick, balls, pussy, and pheromones. “I smelled sex” is enough to get you a guilty verdict in even the most lenient “Is she cheating on me?” courts of law. So should he have “mushed” her face? I say absolutely not, but I’ve never come home from a long days work and smelled some other dude’s dick on my sheets so who am I to make that call?