Texas Pole Vs. Aluminum Bat Road Rage Fight Is What's Hot In The Streets

TEXAS – A man sitting at a traffic light in South Austin caught a violent confrontation on camera. It happened around 12:30 p.m. Monday near Interstate 35 and Slaughter Lane. The video, taken by Twitter user @NoelDeric, shows one man approach a truck and tap the window with a bat. The man in the truck jumps out immediately. “He got out of his car with the bat and I thought, I’m just going to start recording,” said Noel Esquivel, who took the video with his cell phone. The driver of the truck quickly jumps back in his vehicle after realizing he forgot to put it in park. “I was actually thinking that guy was going to pull out a gun right there when he jumped in the car,” said Esquivel. Instead, the man in the truck grabs a long stick or pole from the bed of his truck and takes a swing at the man with the bat. The two men in the video hit each other with their weapons repeatedly. According to Esquivel, both men left the scene with no apparent serious injuries. Austin Police say they are investigating the incident as an aggravated assault.

Round 1…FIGHT!!!

What a battle between these two Texan greats. And please don’t throw stones at glass houses with this one. We’ve all been that pissed off while driving. You don’t know what caused these two to commit felonies on a crowded street in broad daylight, and quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. Road rage is up there with video game fury as the definition of seeing red. Getting cut off then arguing nonsense with morons on the road is equatable to losing last second in Madden vs. some punk shit online because of lag time. Hell hath no fury in either situation. Anything that happens after in that 30 seconds of blackout wrath can be defended in court as temporary insanity. So please excuse these two warriors of the road as they do the damn thing and go on with their day. The only type of road rage I’ve seen better is the classic golf club to the windshield.

Timeless. It doesn’t matter if you’re a common man on the way back from playing 18, Jack freaking Nicholson, or an angry Russian who has had enough with life, the golf club to the windshield is one of the more traditional ways to deal with road rage. I’ve never done it because I think rationally before I act, but it’s borderline poetic taking an iron to something out of pure anger. And unless he solely plays Par-3’s, that 7-iron is purely for ending windshields/lives. I didn’t see that thing come out of a golf bag.

Johnna Drama knows best.