Boy, Last Night's Spurs-Warriors Game Escalated Quickly

That really got out of hand fast. A game that some people thought could be the best regular season matchup in NBA history became an absolute dud.  I mean it lost a little bit of hype when Gregg Popovich benched Tim Duncan in typical Popovich fashion, not showing all his cards.  I bet Pop saw that the game was on NBATV and figured he was above going full strength on the unofficial home of big Hawks games.  And sure, Poppovich thumbing his nose at the NBA and holding out his stars for marquee matchups is always funny. Especially when he did it against the Heat a few years ago, caused David Stern to lose his mind, and San Antonio still almost won the game.  But as a thirsty Knicks fan that wanted a Western Conference Finals preview, I was kind of bummed.  But I understand why he did it, and as it turns out, it probably wouldn’t have mattered.  Because…

We had Steph Curry acting like Steph Curry early and often


And then Steph undressed Kawhi, who you know, just happens to be the best on-the-ball defender in the Association


And Curry was cooking from inside and out


Before finishing with 37 points and sitting out the entire fourth quarter.  The man is truly like having a cheat code on the court


As for Spurs highlights, there was a big one. And I mean BIG one. Because that big bastard Boban Marjanovi was dropping loads again in between his role of playing a giant on Game of Thrones


But in the end, it was just one of those games for the Spurs


For the Warriors  to do this in their last four games against teams with the 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 15th best records in the NBA is nothing short of silly


And Pop murdering the entire Cavs franchise with this quote was the perfect capper to the night.

Even though this was a blowout and we will probably never see Pop’s full hand until at least the playoffs, I can’t wait to see the next three games between these teams this season.  And I would 100% sign up for the 3rd-16th best teams in the NBA play for the Eastern Conference title while the Spurs and Warriors play a best-of-21 in the West.  This is going to be fun.  Just make sure to keep everyone healthy, Basketball Gods.