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Another Day, Another Puppy Winning Goal In The NHL


If there’s one thing that becomes a “thing” in the NHL, I hope it’s this. Because yesterday we had Bobby Ryan score a goal which got a couple young fans a new puppy. And then tonight in Columbus one little girl’s puppy fate was placed in the hands of Cam Atkinson. And you better believe the kid delivered. Here he is in the 1st period tying the game up at 1-a-piece.

This is how you know that hockey guys are the best. If some little kid showed up to a Cavs game with a sign that said “My Dad said I’ll get a puppy if LeBron gets 30 points tonight”, then LeBron pulls himself out of the game once he hits 29 because he’s a selfish prick like that. But when NHL players know that a puppy is on the line, well they get their ass out there and they score that fucking goal. It’s for the kids. It’s for the people. It’s for America, really.

So now I guess what I have to do is get some little brat at the Flyers game to put up a sign asking any Flyer to score a goal for a puppy right now. Because being down 2-0 at the end of the 1st period is no bueno. Need more goals. Need more puppies. Here’s to hoping she goes with a Husky pup because I can’t think of a single cuter thing in the world.


UPDATE: Killa Cam ended up scoring a hatty last night. So that better damn well mean this little girl gets 3 dogs. Make sure to get a good look at that 3rd goal too. Tic-tac-Toooohhh my god PUPPIES so cute!