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JPP Posted A Picture Of Himself In The Hospital Right After The Fireworks Incident In July



Hey Jason, I’m not sure if you know how this Internet thing works, but when something bad happens to a player that is his own fault, please keep it private.  That way all the Crying Jordan Face tweets and Hands Rating in Madden Is 0 memes don’t seem as mean.  We don’t want to see how the sausage of the joke is made and feel like a bunch of dicks afterward.  That’s why they didn’t show Chubbs’ fingers get eaten by the alligator in Happy Gilmore.  You stick to being a physical freak on the field and making millions of dollars, and we’ll cheer you as long as you are wearing our teams colors and clown you for anything stupid you do along the way.  That’s the unwritten contract between players and fans.  Now if there was a picture of Adam Schefter stealing JPP’s medical records in the background, this could have been a suitable Instagram pic.

But for real, that looks fucked up.   We should have known this Giants season was going to be a disaster the minute this shit happened.  A hell of an omen to happen before training camp even started.