Introducing The Barstool Event on…Play Us In Sports Trivia, Win Cash

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Got a sweet new contest for everyone coming hot and fresh out the kitchen. Maybe you think you know sports and want to prove it to the Barstool world, but were just never that interested in fantasy sports. Well lucky for you we just teamed up with FanClash to bring you some trivia, yes, with some cash on the line.

First event is tomorrow night. Here’s the schedule:

NFL 2015 Review from 7-8pm est: play against El Pres, Feits and Nate
NBA 2015 Review from 8-9pm est: play against Kmarko, KFC and Hank
NFL Postseason from 9-10pm est: play against Big Cat, Trent and Smitty

The rooms won’t actually go live until tomorrow but you’ll want to sign up today and get all your info in order so that it’s a smooth transition to play and you can hop right in. Trust me, signing up now is your best shot as getting in.

Here’s the deal: Join one for 2 bucks to play for the entire hour or play in all three for $6. Best part is there are three separate events. So if you lose in one you can play in the other two. Basically all you have to do to win is be the fastest and get the most right. Pretty simple.

Prize structure: Top 100 score per event win


1st $500 $500

2nd $100 $100

3rd $50 $50

4-10 $25 $175

11-50 $10 $400

51-100 $5 $250

If all the Stoolies are as smart as they tell me they are all the time, should be no sweat to win some cash tomorrow night.