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Ken Kratz, The 'Making A Murderer' Prosecutor, Sent The Most Assholish Letter To Steven Avery


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Steven Avery’s new lawyer Kathleen Zellner of Zellner Law has been going hard at every single aspect of the Making A Murderer case and why Steven Avery should be freed on Twitter. And it’s easy to pore over all the details and see where they fit in to the various Reddit conspiracy theories from arm chair detectives who think they’ve figured it all out. But to me, nothing says more about the character of the prosecutor Ken Kratz than seeing this letter (well besides him trying to coerce domestic violence victims into sex with creepy texts, that’s a big tell too).


I’m a big believer in life in the idea that sometimes you don’t have to “spike the football” and rub your successes in other’s faces. In the initial moment of victory, yeah you feel great and have that adrenaline and want to celebrate that you’ve won over another human in whatever battlefield of life, that’s all good. But when it’s days, weeks, years later, you don’t need to harp on some prior achievement, you move on and do other stuff. And this letter from Ken Kratz is the definition of spiking the football. You won man, you got Steven Avery in jail and proved you were the big swinging (possibly evidence planting) dick of Wisconsin. He’s stuck in jail and you had no serious repercussions from your DV victim sexting; you won not just in your court case against Steven Avery, you won in life as far as being an awful person and not suffering one iota for it. Take that, cherish it. DON’T fucking write the guy stuck in jail a cunty letter while he’s stuck in jail with no one to help or look out for his interests. Even the fucking President can’t do anything for him! And this is before the documentary came out and everyone was like “Holy shit this shouldn’t happen like this in America huh?” Like how big of a shithead do you have to be??? Maybe Ken Kratz isn’t Satan and maybe he’s not a knowing conspirator in a massive murder cover-up but he sure is a big bag of shit and this letter doesn’t allow much argument.


PS You just know Steven Avery’s lawyer tweeted that typo grammatical error saying “bloodsucking” instead of “bloodsucker”, wanted to delete it and fix it but saw all the favs and RTs coming in and had to just let it ride. Nothing worse in life than not being able to edit a tweet and I say that fully aware I’m declaring that in a blog about a man falsely imprisoned for rape and murder. The tweet thing is that bad, anxiety and shame x1000.