We've Got A Certified Gem Of A Citizen On The Loose In Philly


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I’m sure this guy’s a real treat to talk to after a rough day. At least he could easily snag a pizza box lid from work to write out this masterpiece. And FYI, the play here is to not park in his spot, no no no. The veteran move is to construct a massive, 8ft snow dick and film the ensuing flip out from a safe distance. If you survive then you’ve got yourself some A+ Worldstar footage. That goes for even if you don’t make it out alive, which is the most likely scenario. This guy definitely has a metal bat in his trunk and it’s been swung for less.

Let’s all settle down, band together, and direct our combined hate towards people who deserve it like the PPA. I still think this guy and his big fucking dick would win a Philly Mayor election in a landslide on that platform.


via r/philadelphia