Silver Lining About The Patriots Loss: I'm Very Excited To Root For Cam Newton

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There’s a lot of bad that comes with a Patriots early exit. No Super Bowl, no more Tom Brady podium outfits, YouTubes of Patriots fans crying, KFC trolling, Smitty and the Eagles taking credit for the Pats losing homefield advantage, Jordan memes, my diet has to start on February first rather than after the Super Bowl, etc, etc. In general, there’s very little good that’s going to come of it.



There are, however, two silver linings. First, Portnoy is sad and doesn’t get to go to the Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much prefer that he was happy, braggy, and packing for San Francisco today, but the fact that he is none of those things does make the loss just a little bit easier. The second is I get to cheer for Cam Newton.



Cam is one of the only guys in sports who I like and isn’t on my team. Cam and Steph Curry, that’s the whole list. Everyone else who doesn’t don a Boston team’s jersey I simply hate. But Cam Newton? I can’t get enough of him. I know people will probably call me a pussy because I like a non-New England guy, but I do so without apology. Cam’s the best. I don’t know if it’s that infectious smile, the insane talent, the dabbing, or the fact that so many sneaky racists love to hate him but everything about Cam Newton is great. In a perfect world Tom Brady wins the Super Bowl every year, but if he can’t then I won’t hate seeing Cam get one.



PS – I will admit that no one has the capes come out to defend them like Cam Newton does. Any other athlete you can criticize or dislike, if you do so with Cam it’s because you’re a racist. Did you think Locker or Gabbert was the better pick? It’s because you hate black people. Think the fact that he was only a one year college starter was cause for concern? Might as well be a Grand Wizard. Say that the handing out of footballs after a touchdown is just for cameras, like people always say about JJ Watt? It’s 2016, no more room for racism in today’s society. Were you a bit worried that the laptop situation and his dad’s requests for payment in college were potential character concerns? Let’s see your confederate flag tattoo, bubba.


As much as I like Cam, I think the constant screams of racism over any critique are pretty annoying.