This Icy Multi-Car Pileup Is Exactly Why I'm Not Going To Drive Until Memorial Day

Link to vid here

Nope. Not even gonna try. This frozen car orgy is exactly why I aren’t even gonna attempt to take the streets till at least May. All you 4-wheel drive hardos can have the roads to yourself and have one big Demolition Derby. Because nothing matters when you hit that patch of ice and start the skids. And it’s even worse when your shit Saab doesn’t have anti-lock breaks so you gotta remember to pump it out like a lunatic. Good times.

This is all assuming I’d even have a shot of digging it out and defrosting the motherfucking INSIDE of the car. Is it too much to ask to not get irrationally angry before sunrise because your car turned into a Goddamn igloo? God thinks so.