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Here's Your Friendly Neighborhood Reminder The Eagles Cost The Patriots Home Field Advantage


Oh what a day that was – Revisit it all here. How do you like dem apples, Boston? Hey, there’s so much shit being slung in our direction we gotta take our smiles when we can. And believe it, the Philadelphia Eagles (with help from the Jets and Dolphins) cost the New England Patriots their shot for a 5th ring. There’s zero doubt in anyone’s mind that it would’ve been a different ballgame if Denver had to dance in Foxboro. But, nope. Lord Belichick and his boys had to travel to Mile High where they historically haven’t been as dick slinging. The Eagles may have never won a Super Bowl and we’ll be basking in boring mediocrity for years to come, but dammit, it feels satisfying to contribute to knocking the kings off their cocky thrones.

PS – On Hunnakuah, no less!