Ken Kratz (AKA The Devil) Is Writing A Tell-All Book In Response To "Making A Murderer"

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Vulture- Action 2 News reports Ken Kratz, the prosecutor of Making a Murderer infamy, will now write a book to share his side of the case behind the Netflix series. “Finally grateful to tell the whole story,” Kratz told WBAY-TV on Sunday, adding that “the one voice forgotten to this point is Teresa Halbach.” Kratz’s announcement follows a rough Yelp appraisal, as well as criticism calling Netflix and MaM’s filmmakers biased in favor of the show’s subject, Steven Avery. The ten-part docuseries revolves around Avery’s contentious conviction for Halbach’s murder. Kratz, who won against Avery, wants to stand up for Halbach and her family following MaM’s massive popularity, which has generated no dearth of support for Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey — both of whom many viewers want pardoned and freed because of how the trial was handled.



This fucking guy. You wanna know how to go from being The Most Hated Man In America to being The Really Most Hated Man In America?  Say you’re gonna write a tell-all book in response to a documentary that pretty clearly shows you helped frame a guy and his nephew for murder. Then hide behind the sentiment of, “I’m speaking for Teresa Halbach.  This is for her.” Ken Kratz is a slimy slimy snake. Nah bro.  Pretty sure you’re looking for a paycheck because you’re Ken Kratz that’s exactly what we all expect Ken Kratz to do. It’s so weird. Two months ago I could’ve walked past Ken Kratz on the street and I wouldn’t have had any idea who he was.  Now if I saw him on the street I might actually punch him in the face. I probably wouldn’t be the only one punching him either. Everybody hates this dude. If this book really is about telling the truth and being a voice for Teresa Halbach then he’ll donate the profits to charity. Do it, he won’t. It’s usually hyperbole when we say we want people to get in a car accident but I really mean it for Kratz. Just looking at him gives me the willies.


#NeverForget the time he sent inappropriate texts to a domestic abuse victim he was representing


Wisconsin prosecutor Ken Kratz, who tried to “sext” his way to an affair with a domestic violence victim he represented, resigned in disgrace Monday. The Associated Press reported last month that Kratz sent 30 text messages to a 26-year-old domestic abuse victim, Stephanie Van Groll, while he prosecuted her ex-boyfriend on a strangulation charge. The 50-year-old Kratz called the woman a “hot nymph” and asked if she would enjoy secret contact with a married district attorney.