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3 Quick Fuck You's To The Media


I’m doing my best to avoid all football news like the plague. Even though I’m going to the Superbowl I have no intentions of watching the superbowl. If I could I’d be radio silent right now. But men, men of honor don’t run when the going gets tough. They stand up, grit their teeth and face the music. That’s exactly what I’m doing today because I’m a man of honor.

Having said all that I have 3 real quick Fuck You’s to give out.

1. Peyton Manning

I don’t even think I hate Peyton Manning anymore. He’s just kind of there. Kind of like Trent Dilfer when he was the QB of the Ravens with their awesome defense. Manning literally had NOTHING to do with the Broncos win yesterday. He didn’t manage the game, he didn’t make any good throws, he did ZERO. The Broncos had 3 points in the 2nd half. They started like every drive at the 50 yard line. They got into field goal position on a 30 yard run up the middle on 4th and 1. He missed 3 wide open guys in the endzone. His 2 TD’s were to guys that basically weren’t covered from 10-15 yards away. He took some massive drive ending sacks. The Broncos had 12 first downs the entire game. The first Patriots TD was set up by him on a bad screen pass. Not totally his fault, but not totally not his fault. He literally deserves zero credit for the Broncos win. That’s not me being a hater. That’s just a fact. It was 100% the defense and the offense did nothing to help. The kicker was way more a factor than Manning was.

2. Brady Wasn’t as Bad As People Say He Was

Brady was not good. No doubt about it. The INT he threw that set up the Broncos 2nd TD was one of the worst passes of his career. But Brady also sort of came alive in the 2nd half. Some of the throws he made and even some of the throws he made to avoid a sack were surreal. We saw what makes him who he is. I mean that 4th down pass to Gronk that he dropped in the bucket to keep the final drive alive was one of the best throws of his career. So was the TD pass to Gronk. Man sized nuts. If he ever found a way to complete that final 2 pt conversion people would be talking about this as one of his most heroic games ever. He took an absolute beating but still showed up in the 4th quarter to give us a chance. It wasn’t his best game, but it wasn’t his worst either. Very few QB’s would have the stones to still be competing and giving his team a chance that late in the game after the beating he took.

3. Belichick Should Have Kicked The Field Goals

I won’t argue with people who say he should have kicked it with 6 minutes to go. But you can’t argue that it was dumb going for it either. It was six of 1 half dozen of the other. The Patriots couldn’t move the ball. There was no guarantee they’d get back down there with such little time left. I mean it took 2 miracle 4th down conversions for the Pats to score a TD at the end of the game. And it wasn’t like they went for it on 4th and 5. It was 4th and 1. I would have felt much worse if they kicked the field goal and then lost by 5. Bottomline is I would go for it 100 out of 100 times in that situation. Belichick is aggressive. I ‘m aggressive. I live for aggressive. And the one with over 2 minutes to go? If you think they should have kicked it their you should be lobotomized.