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If The Panthers Win The Super Bowl In Convincing Fashion, Are They The Greatest Team In NFL History?



It’s shocking that this is a conversation we might be having in two weeks, but it’s reality. The Panthers not only have gone 15-1, a feat that’s only happened 6 times, but they’ve obliterated both teams they’ve faced in the playoffs. Both teams were considered their top competitors in the stronger conference this year, and they flat out embarrassed them in back to back weeks. Complete and total boatraces. It’s not even like the Panthers have had the chips fall their way. They’ve dominated through and through, and it’s been difficult for so many people (myself included) to accept that.


Well no more.  The next 2 weeks we’re going to hear a ton about Peyton Manning’s legacy, and that’s fair. Guy has accomplished a lot and adding a 2nd ring to his resume would re-open the “greatest QB ever” debate that appeared to be a closed case just days ago. And the internet will have its typical Cam Newton garbage takes too. But there’s a bigger picture here that isn’t being discussed. The Panthers are building a very strong case for best team of all-time, and it’s right under our noses. Of the 6 teams that went 15-1, only 2 finished the job. The ’84 Niners and the ’85 Bears. Just by mere inclusion with those 2, you’d HAVE to include the Panthers in the conversation if they can win in San Francisco.


In a league marred by parity in 2015, the Panthers have risen above it. You can talk about the ’72 Dolphins, the ’99 Rams, the ’04 Patriots, and plenty of others. All great teams with good cases. But if this Super Bowl is over at halftime like the past two weeks have been, this is something we’re going to have to entertain the next morning. Only that ’85 Bears team dominated a postseason in similar fashion. Where the Bears made their case with a legendary defense, the Panthers make their case on both sides of the ball. 1st in Scoring Offense, 6th in Scoring Defense. A mile ahead of everyone in takeaway differential. They just flat out dominate, and they dominate with swagger, just like those Bears. You can’t go wrong between the two.



Maybe comparing them to the ’85 Bears is putting the cart before the horse. No, it definitely is. They still have work to do. They still gotta win the big one. I’m just so sick of the garbage narratives we’ve seen surround the Panthers, and it’s only going to get worse over the next 13 days. It’s gonna be a goddamn root canal listening to all the storylines that don’t have anything to do with the results on the field. The Panthers are already an all-time great team, and can really cement that status in two weeks. We’re watching something special happen in front of our eyes and that’s what the narrative should be about this football team.