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B.o.B Goes On Twitter Rant About How The Earth Is Actually Flat



Listen I’ll be perfectly honest, I read like 50 or 60 of BoB’s 300 tweets and I can’t refute any of them. The world being round is one of those things I just don’t get. Like the one where it says planes should have to fly downward or else they would just fly straight into outer space? That makes perfect sense to me. But I’ve just accepted the fact that there are people out there a lot smarter than I am and there is proof out there that my dumb brain just can’t comprehend. I find it utterly ridiculous that guys like Galileo and Copernicus figured that shit out hundreds of years ago. They were living in a time where people used to just shit in pots inside their house and everyone was dying of cholera and what not and somehow they just looked up at the sky, did some math, and figured out the earth was a sphere. I think it’s a lot more believable that there’s an enormous international Free Masons scam going on than a couple of 17th century astronomers figuring out all that shit with a pencil and paper.  If you really press me to talk it all through, I’d probably end up agreeing with BoB. But I am smart enough to just say “NASA scientists know what they’re taking about and I don’t.”

And really that’s the main takeaway here. You all think the earth is round because you’re being told so. There’s really no way you can personally prove that other than just believing the pictures you see and the stuff that you read. So just acknowledge that before jumping all over BoB. Until you’ve hopped in a plane and flown straight until you’ve wrapped around and ended up in the same exact place, you can’t say shit.

If you just blindly believe everything the world tells you, I bet you believe in…magic