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Shaq Showed Up And Surprised The Dunking Gainesville Cop From Last Week





Shaq Diesel. Despite him being truly awful on that NBA show where he just grunts a lot, he is seemingly one of the nice guys in sports. A gentle giant in the very definition of the phrase. I always enjoy seeing him hanging around normal people because it shows just how much of a giant he is. Like I know he’s 7’1 and 600 pounds but you don’t truly understand that size until he’s standing next to a normal-sized police officer. He could eat them. This visit stems from last week when a Gainesville police officer responded to a call about kids playing basketball too loudly in the street.  Instead of being pissed he played basketball with the kids and the video went viral. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed that Shaq didn’t mix it up more in the basketball game. Bro, you’re one of the best centers in the history of basketball.  Dunk on those fools. Charge the basket and rip down the hoop like the good ol’ days. Don’t be tossing interior passes like a point guard. The lesson about leadership was nice but teach them the lesson of Ball Don’t Lie.