The Super Bowl Point Spread Is Out And Carolina Is Officially The Most Disrespected 15 Win Team Of All Time




And now that the dust has settled on Conference Championship Sunday, we move to the important part, 2 weeks away, the biggest sports betting day outside of March Madness. The props haven’t been released yet, if you’re not a prop-aholic on Super Bowl Sunday then you’re doing it wrong, but the line is here and we’ve got Carolina -4 and the O/U 44.5. My initial gut is to HAMMER the Panthers. Why? Well I’m what Vegas calls a “sucker”. I go off what I recently watched and the last memory from yesterday is the Panthers rout of the Cardinals. Sometimes it’s that simple, folks. Take the Panthers because the dumb fat blogger loves them (seriously, don’t listen to me).



The real point of this blog though was this tweet I saw this morning. The Panthers are without a doubt the most disrespected 15 win team in NFL history.


Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.08.00 AM


Just think about this for a second. If I told you before the season that a team would win 15 games, get the 1 seed, be first in scoring, 6th in scoring defense and you could bet on them in  the Divisional round, Conference Championship Game, and Super Bowl at UNDER 6 points, you’d think I was fucking insane right? I said last week before the Seahawks game that -2.5 was the most disrespectful line of all time. I should have said it again before yesterday. If the Patriots were 15-1 and going to the Super Bowl they’d be 10 point favorites and the Panthers played in the tougher Conference! They beat every team in the NFC playoffs outside of the Vikings and they beat the Seahawks twice. I know the Broncos are good, I’ve been high on them all year, but holy shit the Panthers somehow still aren’t getting much respect. And the craziest part of it all? The Panthers keep covering. Vegas puts out these absurd lines that I assume get even action from people doubting the Panthers and the Panthers keep rolling. 13-5 now ATS on the year. Cam Newton is the best player in all of football, their Defense is a top 5 unit, they can run the ball and throw, their O-Line is wildly underrated, their front 7 could be the best in the league, they have a shut down cornerback. What am I missing? Hammer the Panthers (listen to me this time).





Never start a land war in Asia, never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line, and never ever bet against Joe Webb.





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