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Emergency Press Conference - Pats Lose

I’ll say the one thing that I forgot to mention was special teams. We got our absolute ass kicked in the punting game. Just destroyed. The entire 3rd quarter was a waste. We started every drive inside our 10 and they started every drive at the 50. Ryan Allen got his ass kicked inside out. We lost 20-30 yards every punt exchange it felt like. It was obvious eventually Denver would get a field goal. It was a wasted quarter.

This just sucks. But that’s the thing with being in big games. You get your heart ripped out sometimes. Today was one of them. I absolutely didn’t see it coming. I thought the Superbowl would be our only challenge. I was wrong. I still love this team. And we’ll be right back here next year trying to get #5. This one just hurts extra because of the Goodell factor. He was the main reason I wanted to win so bad. Just so he’d have to face us in San Fran. He’s probably giggling like a school child right now and that cuts so deep. I wanted this so bad it was like acid in my mouth. Not this time Pres…Not this time…..

PS – I’m not making excuse but the only time the Broncos offense was able to get a first down is when none of our tablets were working. Not why we lost but it could have been. Either way just a statement of fact.