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Official Panthers Prediction

WATCH- Snow cleared at Bank of America Stadium ahead of Panthers playoff game

Anyone who says they know what to expect from this game is a bold faced liar. It’s an NFC title game between two teams with four combined losses who’ve not faced each other the entire season. Do I think we’re the better team? Yes. Do I think we’re capable of winning? Of course. Do I have the gumption that it takes to lie to myself like I know how this thing’s about to go down? I think I do.

Here’s what I know: Cam loves the big stage. Greg Olsen has proven dependable in crucial situations. Our offensive line has moved the line of scrimmage the entire year. If there is anybody in this league that is capable of slowing down Larry Fitz—he plays for us. I also know that I am a huge user of inclusive language when we’re playing well.

I’ve got the Panthers by a memorable and close finish in what is the biggest game that’s ever been played in Bank of America Stadium.

MVP: Winter Storm Jonas.