Milan Lucic Suckers Kevin Connauton After Taking A Slash From Him

Bruins fans are nodding theirs heads knowingly, like “yup, we’ve seen this movie before”. L.A. King Milan Lucic was always good for 2 or 3 of these nutties per season during his eventful stay in Black and Gold. And they were always a good reminder to the rest of the league that #17 can be a savage when provoked.

6:55 into the third period last night in Glendale, Lucic took a hard slash to the wrist/forearm from Arizona’s Pat Connauton in front of the net.



Needless to say, ol’ Looch didn’t take to kindly to the whack. So he did this with the ref getting a front row seat.



After the puck was tied up, Lucic made a bee-line for Connauton and blasted him with a gloved punch to the right side of his helmeted head and felled the not-so-wily Coyote. Looch was immediately given the gate (game misconduct) and two minutes for roughing. Connauton got a deuce for the slash.

Connauton was up skating shortly thereafter, having been knocked down but not knocked out. Lucic didn’t exactly go quietly into the night and had that ‘lights are on but nobody’s home’ look that means he snapped again. But guys going apeshit makes for entertaining games. It’s hockey, man. The Pacific rivals meet again a week from Tuesday in the desert.